Effects of slackline vs. pilates on anterior core muscle strength

Yonatan Galkin, Nadav Gilad and Eli Carmeli

Background Using Slackline and Pilates exercise are arousing interest among athletes and enhance treatment compliance of different patients, and thus might serve as an effective tool to improve muscle strength.

Aim to determine the effects of Slackline vs. Pilates on abdominal muscle strength.

Methods 11 volunteers were randomly allocated into the Slackline group (n=6; 26.5 ± 3.5 years) and the Pilates group (n=5; 26.5 ± 2.5). The outcome measures for both groups underwent the Y Balance Test, Plank Test, Trunk Flexion Test, and Straight Leg Lift before and after intervention. The intervention was 60 minutes, twice a week, for seven consecutive weeks.

Results After training, the four outcome measurements were improved in both groups regardless the group (p<0.05). No difference was found between Slackline vs. Pilates.

Conclusions This is the first study designed to test the effects of Slackline on core muscles and compare it with Pilates. We found that Slackline is as beneficial as Pilates in strengthening the anterior core muscles.

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